TaskTracker: Keep Your Files at Your Fingertips


Get Your Registration Code

Entering Your Registration Code

Entering your TaskTracker registration code takes a few seconds.

(Before you begin, be sure you've got the latest version of TaskTracker.)

1. Right-click on the File Type list or the TaskTracker icon in the system tray and select Register.

Or click Register Now if it appears on the splash screen.

2. Click Enter Registration Code. (Click Get Registration Code if you don't have a registration code yet!)

3. Enter your registration code either by copying it and pasting it or by typing it. (You must be connected to the Internet to complete this procedure.)

If nothing happens, make sure that:
   - If you pasted it, there are no spaces before or after the code.
   - If you typed it, the case of each letter is correct.

4. When prompted, enter your name (and company name) exactly as you would like them to appear in the About box.

5. Click OK to close the About box.

6. Click Yes to confirm that your name (and company name) are correct.

Thank you!

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