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TaskTracker Support

Support is available to all TaskTracker users. Priority support (within 24 hours) is provided to contributing users.

To get support
Please make sure youre running the latest version of TaskTracker. Then, send your support issue here.

Please include your log files!
TaskTracker has self-diagnostic capabilities. Once you activate these, you can send log files that will make it much easier to resolve your unique issue. TaskTracker.log reports internal errors that occur inside TaskTracker. Snapshot.log reports specific information about the files TaskTracker is tracking on your system, including their filenames. For this reason, it is entirely your choice whether or not to send this log. The contents of both logs can be viewed in Notepad or another text editor.

How to send a log:

  1. Open the About box by right-clicking on the TaskTracker icon in the System Tray and clicking About.
  2. Right-click in the About box (but away from another control) to open the context menu and click to select either or both logging commands: Log Errors and Take Snapshot.

If the error you are experiencing prevents you from accessing the About box, you may also start TaskTracker using the Windows Start > Run command with the following switches:
-l to log errors and -s to take a snapshot.
For example:

"C:\Program Files\TaskTracker\TaskTracker.exe" -l

  1. Restart TaskTracker.
    The log files are written to C:\Program Files\TaskTracker, or wherever TaskTracker is installed. Snapshot.log is ready to send after restarting TaskTracker and allowing it to load. TaskTracker.log may not appear right away and might take some time to record useful information - so let it run awhile, at least until you are able to duplicate whatever problem you're experiencing.
  2. Add the log files as an attachment to your mail.


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