Drag and Drop from Windows

Sometimes you want to begin tracking a file that TaskTracker does not show. (It may, for example, be a file that you've just downloaded from a mail message or extracted from an archive.) Simply drag the file or files (they can be different types) into either TaskTracker window. Using drag and drop, you can begin tracking file types that TaskTracker does not ordinarily track. These can be virtually any kind of file or folder, including unregistered file types, applications, and other kinds of executable files.


You can even drag files from Google Destop results in your browser window, as well as Vista Search results. Non-file results, such as mail and web pages, are ignored.


If you drag several files at a time, TaskTracker shows a progress bar and reports on the status of the file drop when it finishes.


Tip: If you drag non-file objects, such as mail attachments, TaskTracker will open the folder or the containing folder of the file on which you drop the object. This is a convenient way to get to your target location, but you cannot drop the attachment directly into TaskTracker.