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TaskTracker Is Productivity Software!

Release 1.2.111

D O W N L O A D 
TaskTracker  N O W

Version 1.2

Designed for English-Language Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista/7

(See Apple's U.S. patents 8,966,396 and 10,331,311)
Intelligent Design Meets The File Manager
Find files fast — see all your recently used files organized by file type.
Track files as they are created, used, or deleted.
Open, copy, rename, and move files from one convenient place — regardless of file location.
Sort file types according to name, frequency, or latest use.
Sort files by name, date (accessed, modified, or created), type, full path or containing folder — regardless of location.
Drag and drop files between Explorer, TaskTracker, and many other applications.
Organize your documents into Virtual Folders according to categories you create.

“A world-class file organizer... A supercharged version of the Start menu's My Recent Documents folder... gives you split-second access to the files you opened yesterday, last week, three months ago, or even last year.” Steve Bass, PC World Magazine

“TaskTracker is perhaps the ultimate time-saver on your computer. Never misplace another file or wonder when you last worked on it.” Zaine Ridling, The Great Software List

“A real bloodhound when it comes to finding those files you could have sworn you'd saved, somewhere.” Charles Wright, The Edge (Sydney Morning Herald)

“It's Real Useful Software in that you save time, you don't waste time trying to figure it out, and in the end it all seems really, really logical.” Jeremy Wagstaff, Loose Wire

Select file types and see all the recent files of those types, regardless of their location in your computer’s file system.

TaskTracker in System Tray

Show TaskTracker from your system tray.

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