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TaskTracker Version 1.2 Release Log
Version 1.2.111 - October 14, 2007
Designed for English-Language Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista

This Release:

New Features

-Supports drag and drop of file results from Google Desktop and Vista Search. (Non-file results are ignored.)
-Save Virtual Folder
dialog for conveniently creating file folders containing shortcuts or copies of files in virtual folders.
-In the TaskTracker Filter dialog, a Save Filter Results as Virtual Folder command enables you to save filter results directly as virtual folders.
-Digitally signed installer and application for secure download and improved Vista experience.


-Updated and tested for Windows Vista. (Some reduction in functionality should be expected when running UAC security.)
-Better, more-responsive performance overall.
-Less resource-intensive startup. (Startup with Windows is no longer default setting.*)
-Option for continuing to load in the event of delayed loading with Synchronize at Startup option.
-Filter dialog has improved interface: search strings are automatically wildcarded (you can delete the * to remove the wildcard); Apply button to execute searches (not required when selecting date ranges only); better filtering
performance overall.
-Virtual Folder window now appears semitransparent and above file list if obstructed when dragging files to it. Icon arrangement and scrollbar appearance improved.
-Image Preview window has corner grab handle for easy resizing. Appears above file list if obstructed by it.
-Better handling and heuristics for unavailable network files and files of unknown type.

-Self-repair capability rebuilds cached data and repairs most problems that can prevent TaskTracker loading correctly.
-Always Validate Files is now selected by default.* This means files and dates are checked each time a file type is selected.
(*These defaults apply to first-time users only and do not affect existing settings. All preferences are user-selectable.)


-Hiding file types whose files are present in virtual folders. A check prevents this from occurring.
-Not remembering rearranged columns when switching file types and when restarting.
-Intermittent lockups when applying date filters.
-Opening or copying the wrong file when two or more identically named files are being tracked, even though the file paths appear correct in TaskTracker.
-Certain file types, including folders, showing "Unknown" for latest file date (and therefore appearing in the wrong order with Most Recent sorting).

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