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Select a file type and see all the recent files of that type, regardless of their location in your computer’s file system.

TaskTracker in System Tray

Show TaskTracker from your system tray.

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All the things you can do with your TaskTracker!

TaskTracker™ takes the Windows® Explorer and turns it inside out. Say goodbye to tedious searches for files in Windows' convoluted file system. Now you can get to the files you want to work with - and open, copy, rename, or move them - right away without having to remember where you left them.

With TaskTracker, your files are right where you need them all the time. You may have gotten used to the Windows way of doing things, but no matter what level of Windows user you are, keeping track of your files is probably a low point in your Windows experience.

TaskTracker automatically tracks all kinds of file types that are registered on your system - including Office documents; multiple image formats; and many, many other document types you work with on a daily basis.

You can sort file types alphabetically, by frequency of use, or by most recent use - and you can sort the files of each type by dates, names, containing folders, or folder paths. The files you last worked with will already be at the top of the list, if that is what you want. Or you can filter files according to time periods of your choosing, like yesterday, last week, or a month ago.

Using TaskTracker's virtual folders, you can organize files using any scheme you prefer. Simply create a new virtual folder and drag any combination of files from TaskTracker to it. The Virtual Folder window lets you get quickly to these files without requiring any reorganization in your Windows file system. Best of all, you can create real folders containing shortcuts to or copies of the original files whenever you like.

The longer you use TaskTracker, the more files it tracks and the more useful it becomes as the single point of access for all your document-centered Windows work.

NEW! Release 1.2.111

D O W N L O A D 
TaskTracker  N O W

Version 1.2

Designed for English-Language Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista/7

TaskTracker File List
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